We know co-parenting.


Two Dads.  Two Moms.  One Mom.  One Dad.  How do you define YOUR modern family?


David has provided me with expert legal and parenting advice for over two years. As a successful co-parent himself, his legal support is accompanied by a high level of empathy and understanding that has allowed me to proceed with my co-parenting journey with clarity and confidence. As I prepare to become a first time parent with a close friend, I feel fortunate to have David on my team.
— Frankie C., NYC

When I first consulted with David, I was nervous and full of questions. He was able to calm me down, explain my options, and give me the information I needed in my decision making process toward co-parenting with my best gay male friend.
— Jayne S., Brooklyn, NY

David’s understanding of the legal ins and outs of co-parenting, and the nuances, was essential to our parenting process.
— JJ & Rick, NYC

I am still in the process of deciding whether or not to pursue a co-parenting situation with my best friend. I am thankful that David remains available to me to answer any questions along the way in my decision making.
— Jenna, NYC